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Rainbow Fashion Trend

Why Rainbow Fashion is trending?

From Fashion Nova to Gucci, rainbows are everywhere.

Traditionally, the fashion world has taken a divergent opinion on color from us. The fashion elite have always embraced a “black is the new black” view. Indeed, for many years, the fashionable people were those who donned neutrals. But recently, there’s been a noticeable change. And not just from blacks to colors. We are in fact seeing a lot of colorful outfits and decorations in stops lately. But we are talking about moving all the way on the spectrum from black to rainbow! Shoes, sweaters, watches, dresses and pretty much everything else we wear are getting the hyper-colorful treatment as a Rainbow fashion trend in the latest yeas and right now.

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Where does it come from?

The history of rainbows in fashion is rich and passionating, from the iconic rainbow platform sandals that Salvatore Ferragamo made for Judy Garland in the 1930s to trendy mini-dresses from the swinging ’60s to the dramatic, vibrantly colored gowns Alexander McQueen sent down runways. At the 2018 Met Gala, Lena Waithe made the show in a Carolina Herrera mood that brilliantly and without doubt referenced the LGBTQ pride flag, the rainbow’s most prominent cultural association in the Rainbow fashion trend. 

“Bright, upbeat” colors, including rainbow spectrums, have been trending in clothing for a few years now, as at the same time rainbow jewelry has been rising over the last three. The popularity of rainbows in fashion and accessories seems to depends on the color scheme’s ebullience and joyfulness. It’s a reaction against the dominance of minimalism, and a victim for the anxiety of modern life that people head to a Rainbow fashion trend.

Rainbows are no longer just for the childrens. Rainbows have grown up. They are still fun and energetic ofering vibrant movements, but also give a side of sophistication with rainbows now. We’ve seen even the most high-end designers embracing the positivity. And we’ve never ever met a rainbow we didn’t like.

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“The country feels very precarious. People are craving something innocent, easy, palatable, and not heavy, and I feel that maybe the inclination for really joyous and sugary things is because we just need an antidote to the news, to the scariness.”

Sunsan Alexandra

Rainbow Quote

Why are Rainbows Trending in Fashion?

Rainbow fashion trend

Fashion is an art. And art trends are often influenced by the climate in which they are created. So, it’s no surprise that in present time, social and political climate we are seeing rainbows everywhere. And in times of darkness, we could use a dose of visual hope. 

Fashion is doing its duty by spreading the happy, positive vibes that the world needs today. Fashion is rebelling against the negativity that thrives and trying to rise our moods! Can we say no to rainbows, sunshine, positivity, light and love? Today’s fashion is showing us all the positive, happy energy that we need.

The popularity of rainbows is representative of a wider interest in saturated, dreamy colors.

Designers take the eagerness for rainbow accessories as a sign of the times

The Unicorn Trends fashion.

rainbow fashion trend has spread as a symbol of hope and solidarity. Rainbow-colored fashions featuring both saturated and pastel hues.

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Get Your Perfect Rainbow Style

A Rainbow fashion trend has spread int he worlg. From pastels to vibrants colors, from shoes to hats or jewelry, from casual outfits to special event clothes, house decorations, fill up your everyday life with colors, hope, love and happiness!