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Best rainbow Foam Mat for Baby 2021

Foam Mat for Baby

If you have kids at home, a padded floor mat can be a lifesaver. 

Rainbow Foam Baby Play Mat

Somewhere over the rainbow way up high and the dreams that you dream of once in a lullaby.

A Rainbow Foam Mat for baby is perfect for your little dreamer. Pastel rainbows sprinkle a neutral tan background.

It’s soft enough for baby’s first tummy time but sturdy enough for toddler tumble time.

What is a Foam Mat for baby?

Typically made of foam or rubber, floor mats are as cushy as carpet but much easier to clean, and they’ll lessen the impact of any tumbles as your child learns balance and coordination (it takes time!).

Floor mats are like rugs for kids that you can put in your nursery or any room, really. But they don’t come with attached toys to entertain kids like playmats do. Floor mats are sometimes made of pull-apart tiles, which is great for when you need to replace one but not so great when your child pulls one apart and uses it as a teether.

Foam Mat for Baby can also be constructed as one piece instead of multiple tiles. If you have a cat or dog, know this: pets seem magnetically drawn to the foam ones and may chew and paw at them, or at the very least leave scuff marks.

Choosing rainbow colors brings sunshine, hapiness and joy into your house and helps children equate colors with feelings. Sunlight is actually a mixture of colors, but we usually see it as bright, white light. When the sun shines on a rainy day, the sunlight bends through drops of water in the sky, breaking up the colors and creating a spectrum of light—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. You can show your kids the same thing by add a foam mat for baby with rainbow pattern or color. If you have a beam of sunlight coming through your window, you can cast rainbows around your room, on walls, or even on the family dog. Endless indoor fun!



Rainbow foam mat for baby helps their learning development. Choose the  highest safety standards for foam worldwide and are rated for newborn babies and above. Soft and cushy and also sturdy and durable. The mats are non-slip, waterproof, and stain-resistant.

Are Foam Mats Safe For Babies?

Squishy foam mat for baby or those large rainbow colorful floor puzzles can seem like a great way to keep your baby comfortable during tummy time or cushion your clumsy toddler’s falls. As useful as these play mats are, it is important to choose the right material before buying! Some mats are made of substances that can harm your baby’s health, and manufacturers are often not transparent about what is in their “foam” products. The safety of products manufactured for use by children is particularly important, since children are especially vulnerable to toxic exposures. 

A lot of baby gear can be garish — bright colors and eye-popping designs stimulate a child’s development but might not fit your more sophisticated design scheme — and baby play mats can be some of the primary offenders.